Suitable for maximum back pressure of 50 psig. Also available for vacuum service. 6010 6021 6030 6182 6230 6283. Model 6030: As model 6010 except stainless steel (SS) trim (nozzle and disc). Sizes: 1/2 thru 2-1/2 inch. Kunkle 6010 maintenance manual Kunkle reserves the right to change product designs and specifications without notice. Full nozzle design with bronze/brass trim. Does anyone know if it is possible to reset… Steam safety valves may be used for air service but not vice versa. Available with O-ring seats. KUNKLE SERIES 6000 SAFETY VALVES SAFETY AND RELIEF PRODUCTS MODELS OVERVIEW Model 6010: Side outlet. Pressure and Temperature Limits. Pressure Limits: 300 PSIG – 406°F. Suitable for a maximum back pressure of 50 60100. 930 Catalog Cut Sheet. We recommend testing once a year to identify and repair any small problems before they become big ones. Available with Also available for Vacuum Service. These bronze and stainless steel valves are used with steam boilers, steam generators, air compressors, gas compressors – both reciprocating and rotary, intercoolers and aftercoolers, pressurized steam autoclaves, pressurized steam sterilizers, and pressure reducing stations. Lift lever for pull-up manual testing. Bronze trim, UL and FM approved for fire pump installations. Model 6021: ®As model 6010 with Teflon (PFA) disc insert (use on steam only). Kunkle Top industrial and commercial safety relief valve for cryogenic or high temperature environments. Valve housing is a heavy duty casting. For specific model limitations refer to the individual model catalog. The 6000 series Kunkle valves are popular with air, gas and steam applications. Pressure vessels – junkle gas, … Protection of high volume vacuum pumps and conveying systems. 5 KUNKLE SAFETY AND RELIEF PRODUCTS ASME CODES - REQUIREMENTS NON-CODE SET PRESSURE TOLERANCE Set pressure, psig (barg) Set pressure tolerance, psig (barg) Below 15 psig (1.03 barg) to 10 psig (0.69 barg) ±2.0 psig (±0.14 barg) TheValve Selection Guide [pages it 13] in this manual has general information on the pressure and temperature limits for each valve series. Maintain a system operating pressure at Maintenance should be performed on a least 5 psig or 10% below the set pressure regular basis. Page 2 KUNKLE VALVE PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS OPERATION MAINTENANCE 1. A regular preventative maintenance program will keep your valves working properly, which will extend the life of your valves, reduce your downtime, and save you money. Low pressure steam heating boilers set at 15 psig [1. I Valve option s. An Anderson Greenwood Company ® TTechnical Referenceechnical Reference Safety and Relief Valve ProductsSafety and Relief Valve Products For vibration service, please contact your local Kunkle representative for assistance. An initial inspection interval of the valve, whichever is greater. That portion of the valve used to guide the disc. UL listed for light oil service. Years ago I had a CDS that used a spring type relief that was adjustable. As model 60except certified for ASME code Section IV. Models 6010, 6021, 6182, 6283, 6221 Steam Service 3 to 250 psig [0.2 to 17.2 barg]-60° to 406°F [-51° to 208°C] Air/Gas Service 3 to 300 psig [0.2 to 20.7 barg]-60° to 406°F [-51° to 208°C] Models 6030, 6130, 6230 Steam and Air/Gas Service 3 to 300 psig [0.2 to 20.7 barg]-60° to 425°F [-51° to 218°C] Kunkle Safety and Relief Products Don’ts Each Kunkle valve is tested and inspected for pressure setting and leakage. DO perform regular preventative maintenance on your valve. Model used for Vacuum service. Kunkle Model 6010 Steam Safety Relief Valve ¾â€ x 1″ Used for Safety valve outlet size of 4-inch. I have an older truck mount, about 7-8 years, that has a Kunkle valve on it. It is set at 14" of lift. O-ring seats available for exceptional leak-free performance, reduced maintenance cost, multiple cycles with tight shutoff, improved seating integrity. Bronze Safety Valves for Steam, Air, Non-hazardous Gas Service Kunkle Valve Model # 6010 6021 6030 6182 6230 6283.
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